Uri Appelbaum

Director of Projects and Technologies, The Public Transit Authority

Uri joined the Ministry of Transport in 2016 and currently serves as Director of Projects and Technologies at the Public Transit Authority.

He is in charge of promoting MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solutions, conducting trials involving new technologies in the field of public transit services and for building a new modern transit service control center. In addition, Uri leads the Ministry’s smart mobility efforts and is responsible for designing efficient regulation and policy frameworks for new technologies regarding ride-sharing and future deployment of Autonomous Vehicles.

Prior to this position Uri served as Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Ministry’s Director General, and was actively involved in all major ares that the Ministry regulates and funds, focusing on public transit, infrastructure projects (land, sea and air) and smart mobility solutions and funding.

Uri previously worked for 4 years at the Ministry of Finance, where he participated in a broad range of reforms in the government, transport and communication sectors.

Uri is a lawyer by training and holds Bachelor degrees in both Law and Economics from Tel-Aviv University and a Master's degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.