About the Conference

The NexTech international conference on advanced technologies provides a meeting ground for key industry and academia representatives from around the world, engaged in cutting-edge technological development.
The conference is a joint initiative of the CyberTech global industry event, Gav-Yam Negev Tech Park, Ben-Gurion University and the city of Beersheba.

Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Technologies Park

The Venue for NexTech is the Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Technologies Park located in the city of Beersheba, also known as Cyber Park.
The Park is a joint venture of private and public organizations, including Ben-Gurion university – one of Israel's leading academic research institutions, Gav-Yam, Israel's leading Hi-Tech and Science park developers, the City of Beersheba – Israels' most dynamic and growing cities and with the support of the government of Israel. 

Conference location


Gav Yam High-Tech Park
Beer Sheva