Mr. Uzy Zwebner

Uzy Zwebner, MBA. ­­Zwebner is part of the founding group and private shareholder at the Private Public Partnership initiative of developing the Gav Yam Advanced Technologies Park in Beer Sheva, Israel

Mr. Zwebner's fully owned company, Negevinn Innovation Center LTD is involved in creating new high-tech eco-systems around the world. From high tech parks to startup hubs. His recent initiative is the Innovation BaseCamp, a unique kind of business-oriented platform of creating startups based on academic research from the academia 

Mr. Zwebner also holds a B.A. degree in International Relations and an MBA degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Mr. Zwebner serves as board member of some companies. In the past served as the first General Director of the city of Eilat and  head of  the Economic Company of Eilat  and. From 2001 to 2005, Mr. Zwebner served as Chairman of the Maccabi world games, the third largest international sports event in the world